Five Industries that Need Answering Services Most

September 2nd, 2016 A Personal Answering Service

Answering Service Do you work at a company where the phones that ring off the hook? If you are constantly surrounded by the sound of ringing without the personnel to handle it all, you are not alone. There are many types of industries out there just like yours that could use the assistance of an experienced answering service to handle their call loads. That goes double for these five industries that often find themselves in the greatest need for extra assistance with their phones.

Alarm Companies

A company that really needs a good answering service is an alarm company. Whether there is an intruder in the home or the system is just triggered on mistake, phone calls are always being made to or from the alarm company to make sure everything is OK. Immediate emergency dispatching and alarm notifications are crucial here, and our agents are available to work 24/7 to answer every call.

Real Estate Offices

Real estate offices located in the hottest markets can really benefit from a highly assertive answering service. Homes are selling like hotcakes in many markets today, so there needs to be representatives who can take customer calls, schedule appointments or consultations, notify sellers that buyers are coming to look at their property and keep the agents abreast of all developments.

Medical Offices

Hospitals and medical offices with many types of doctors in many different fields can certainly use the help of an able answering service. The benefits are limitless. Hundreds of patients call in every day to schedule or change appointments, follow up on visits and more. These offices can save money on personnel by hiring a service that can take these calls for them.

Law Offices

 These days, law offices get more phone traffic than ever before. The general public is aware of all the different services lawyers can provide, so their phones ring off the hook. With all of these inbound calls, the services of an answering service can be vital in making sure every caller’s needs are handled. They can provide emergency call dispatch, live message delivery, appointment scheduling and more.

Tech Service Companies

 No matter how well made a computer product or software suite may be, there will always be bugs in the system that consumers need assistance with. Some of the biggest tech service companies receive hundreds to thousands of calls each day – simply too many calls for the tech agents to handle on their own. Our agents can handle the smallest system issues and serve as a first line of support for your customers, allowing the experts at your firm to handle the largest problems.

The best part of A Personal Answering Service is the fact that we can handle calls for every one of these industries and more. If your company has a call load that is just too big to handle, give us a call at 800-477-9103 today to discuss our packages.



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