Employee Screening Services

Pre-Employment ScreeningEvaluate a potential employee

Most businesses find it incredibly time consuming to screen prospective employees as a part of the hiring process. With A Personal Answering Service’s professional agents, you can manage preliminary applicant assessments, background checks and reference calls using our scripted pre-interview screening process.

Our agents will work with you to find out your specific requirements for the position and what questions you would like us to ask. We can also advise prospective applicants if they have met your minimal requirements to be considered for the position. Our employee screening agents can answer any questions that applicants may have about the position using the information you provide.

Turn to A Personal Answering Service to help you establish a comprehensive and consistent employee screening system that will not only save you time, but also assist you in finding the right person to help grow your business. Don’t spend time and money on hiring the wrong candidate when we can help you find the perfect person for the job.

Find out more about our employee screening services today, and learn about our no risk free trial. Give us a call at 800-477-9103 or 410-288-7600 and see how we can help you get the new help you need.


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