Call Center Myths Busted!

May 17th, 2016 A Personal Answering Service

For a lot of people, the thought of having to contact a call center for help or information can be horrifying. Many people have had bad experiences with phone customer service centers in the past and these have created awful myths about what it’s like to call one. The fact is that providing helpful and effective customer service over the phone is an important aspect of nearly every business, so let’s bust a few of the myths about customer call centers.


They Don’t Care About Customer Service

Many people are under the assumption that whomever they are speaking to at a call center doesn’t care about them and whether or not they stay as a customer. This isn’t true at all. Employees at call centers are hired with a dedication to providing help and service for customers, aiding them with any issues they might have. Companies view customer service as something that can separate them from other businesses and are always looking to improve on their quality and call satisfaction to make sure they keep existing customers and attract new ones by offering courteous and prompt help whenever it’s needed.


Call Centers Are Just “Cost Centers”


Another baffling myth is that call centers are a money bit that only costs the business money. People don’t see why they need call centers in the first place, and think they are a waste of money for the company. The reality is that call center agents are the first step in making sure their company retains that customer. If that agent is trained well and handles the customer appropriately, studies show that the customer will be more likely to purchase from that business again. Retained clients means retained revenue for the business – so they can save and even make money for the company.


No One Uses Phones


Despite the rise of social media, many people still speak with someone directly by phone to resolve their customer service issue. Telephone customer service also tends to have higher customer satisfaction ratings than online customer service channels, as people are connected directly to a person rather than sending an email, chat message or Tweet that may or may not get a response. Despite call centers having to adjust with the times, the old way is still the most effective way to help customers.


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