How to Deal with Angry Customers

May 19th, 2021 A Personal Answering Service


No matter the job, you will always have to deal with an angry customer. Yet, dealing with angry customers is never easy. More often than not, there will be customers that are not happy with the services or products that you provide, and you will have to find a way to deal with it properly and professionally. Here are a few ways you can start:

Change your mindset

The first step you should take when dealing with an upset customer is adjusting your mindset.  Once you put aside any opinions of your own on the matter, you can focus on the task at hand: settling the matter and helping the customer.

Listen to the customer

With this in mind, start actively listening to the customer. Ask them questions about what happened or what issue they are having. Then, listen to what they are saying to you. During the early parts of the conversation, all a customer wants is to know that their concerns are being heard.

Repeat their concerns

After listening to the customer’s grievances, repeat these concerns back to the customer. This will not only guarantee that you’re addressing the right issues, but it will also assure your customer that you are hearing them out. Empathize for any wrongdoings and start figuring out a possible solution.

Take action

Once you have your solution, take action and explain every step on how you’re going to fix their problem. Once the situation is finally resolved, follow up with your customer to ensure their satisfaction. Be sure to ask them for feedback, too. This can help you determine how well you did to resolve the issue and how you can improve in the future.
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