Let Someone Else Handle Your Calls

July 6th, 2015 apas-admin

Answering Service

Business is booming and so are your phones. Your current staff does their best to take all calls that come in, as well as make their outgoing calls and follow-ups. At what point are your employees spending too much time answering incoming calls and not making enough outgoing calls to cover the costs?


Every time the phone rings it is a potential customer. Are you giving the time to those people to bring them in the door or are they being hurried along to get to the next call? All customers should receive 100 percent of your employees’ attention and 100 percent of their time when they are calling back. Not only could it be lost revenue if they hang up while on hold, but it could also that customer’s bad experience will spread through word of mouth to other people. To make sure this doesn’t happen you need to have dedicated time and people to handle your inbound calls. This is one of the advantages of a phone answering service, which can take on that responsibility for your organization at a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated phone staff, and ensure that you always have someone on your end of the phone.


Outsourcing incoming calls frees up time from your already busy employees and allows you to use their time and talents in more productive tasks. The time saved by not answering the incoming calls means more outgoing calls or maybe more uninterrupted time to get work done. The longer your employees have to concentrate on what they should be doing the better their production. Every time they pick up an outside call, they stop everything they are doing and have to handle the customer’s questions or issues, then remember where they left off.


Using an answering service can free you and your employees from those interruptions, and can tackle a wide variety of needs for your business. Whether the caller needs to schedule an appointment for a consultation or review, needs a call back from one of your team members, or would like to connect with your sales team for a quote or purchase, answering services can handle it for you.


You cannot plan time for incoming calls they just happen. By having less distractions your employees will be more successful and they will have more time to do the job you expect them to do. To learn more about how A Personal Answering Service can help your business, call us today!

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