How Call Center Employees Can Release Stress

September 15th, 2021 A Personal Answering Service

Customer service is a large part of a call center employee’s day-to-day tasks. However, almost everyone knows how stressful this particular type of work can be. Listening to problem after problem, complaint after complaint can take a lot out of even the best employee. Many customer service workers do enjoy their jobs and have a natural gift for dealing with all kinds of people, but it is crucial that they know how to release some of the stress that builds up from day to day.

If you happen to work in a call center, check out these great tips for increasing your energy level and de-stressing after a trying phone call:

Remain Calm

We know it may sound both too simple and too difficult to achieve, but the more you can remain calm while listening to upset or confused customers, the more energy you can reserve to be of assistance. Stay relaxed, take a deep breath, and try to keep positive thoughts running through your mind. Think of the reasons you are there: to help others, to earn a living, and to be purposeful in life.

Take a Break

Taking your scheduled breaks is extremely important. This time allows you to go outside, get some air, grab a drink of water, or enjoy a laugh or two with a co-worker. If a call gets you really upset, ask your supervisor if you can take a quick break to compose yourself before taking another call.

Realize It’s Not Personal

Always remember to never take anything the customers say personally. Most customers don’t intend to be hurtful, though it may appear to be so. When people are confused, helpless, or frustrated, they say all sorts of things they would never say under regular circumstances. When people are upset, they don’t care who they are speaking with; what is most important is that you remain calm and don’t escalate the situation by adapting the customer’s demeanor.

Create a Relaxing and Personal Work Area

Decorating your desk and cubicle with some personal items from home is very helpful in remembering why you are there. Pictures of your spouse, kids, close friends and vacations can offer a bit of relief from the chaos of work. If you are allowed, having plants on your desk is extremely helpful in creating a relaxed and serene environment for the mind.

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