How Are Call Centers Helping to Boost the Economy?

July 10th, 2014 A Personal Answering Service

For a long time now, we’ve been making a point to emphasize just how much of an impact hiring teleservice professionals can have on the overall success of your business. Regardless of whether your company is a one-person startup or is already well established with hundreds of employees, every business in every industry can benefit from outsourcing their telecommunication needs. However, did you know that hiring a call center can impact more than just your individual business?

How Are Call Centers Helping to Boost the Economy? | A Personal Answering Service


According to an article from the January/February 2014 issue of Connections Magazine, “Utilizing a call center helps the economy by putting a positive chain reaction in motion.”


How so? Well for starters, it helps to reduce operational costs in two ways:

–    Allowing call center operators to field after hour and overflow calls
–    Eliminating the need for costly  in-house phone systems


Once you’ve decided to hire call center operators, like those here at A Personal Answering Service Inc., you will no longer have to worry about missing potential business opportunities. You and your employees can focus solely on your work rather than fielding phone calls, which helps to increase the company’s overall profit. Higher profit margins bring about increased tax revenues, which in turn lead to a boost in the economy.


Another way in which call centers help to improve the economy is by creating new jobs on a local level and reducing the unemployment rate. Not only will there be a constant need for operators, but as those operators are trained to provide excellent customer service, they will likely generate more repeat customers and referrals. As business booms, more administrative support will be required internally. Aka more available job positions and another step forward for the local economy.


All in all, the article sums it up very simply: “Outsourcing provides the chance to expand beyond traditional markets with dependable, capable assistance. A call center offers vital communications support to help organizations grow, while rebuilding the economy in the process.”


Why not take advantage of a good opportunity both individually and on a grander scale?


(Posted by: Melissa Miginini of A Personal Answering Service)


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