Customer Service: What Your Clients Expect

August 21st, 2014 A Personal Answering Service


When a potential customer calls your business, they expect to have their needs met in a professional, polite manner. Consumers place a great deal of importance on the quality of customer service they receive and when they receive less than their expectations, you are probably going to hear about it. An off-day for one of your employees could result in upsetting even the most loyal customer and in some unfortunate cases, damage the relationship you have with them. To keep these business-consumer relationships positive and even flourish new ones, hiring a professional call center company is the answer to your customer service prayers.

Customer Service: What Your Clients Expect | A Personal Answering Service Inc.


Customers want and expect a series of answers and responses to their inquiries when they call your business. A quality professional answering service can accomplish those tasks and do so at the highest quality possible. Here are the things that your customers want and might not be receiving without a professional service:


In our competitive world, what will give your company an edge in the market is personalization which is exactly what your customers want. Consumers want an experience where they are treated as an individual rather than caller A, B or C. Your customers are likely to transform from a one-time caller to a life-long client when they have an individualized experience. As simple as a “Hello, Donna, How can I help you?” makes the difference between your company and an impersonal one.


Customers expect you to solve their problems when they call. Yes, customer service doubles as an investigative effort. An answering service can help resolve your customer’s issues without a string of call transfers which allows your employees to focus on their assigned job tasks.


When a client or a potential customer calls your company, yes, they want their questions answered but they want them responded to in a timely manner. Do you enjoy waiting on the end of the line, listening to a classical melody of elevator music or worse, employee chatter and noise? Exactly, so why would your clients? Hiring an answering service will eliminate hold time as well as call-abandon rates.


When you are aware of what your customers expect, you can make improvements to your services to meet those expectations. For more information on how our services can help you, drop by our website.


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