The Top 3 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Receptionist

October 6th, 2020 A Personal Answering Service

Every business needs a good receptionist in order to keep everything in your company running smoothly. A receptionist not only handles customers, but they can also keep order between your employees. Finding the perfect receptionist, then, is crucial. So, when you’re out looking for a new receptionist, keep these few qualities in mind:

Effective communication skills

This seems obvious but having a receptionist with excellent communication skills is a must. After all, they will be speaking with hundreds of people over the course of one day, so they need to listen and communicate effectively. A skilled receptionist will be able to handle basic customer service problems and resolve them effectively.

High emotional intelligence

When we’re hiring a new employee, we often look at their qualifications and academic credentials. However, when it comes to receptionists, their emotional intelligence should also come into account. Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to empathize with others and to control their own emotions. This is an extremely important skill to have for receptionists who will be talking with others, some of whom may be upset, all throughout the day.


A good receptionist should be able to schedule appointments, transfer calls, put people on hold, and more. All of this requires a proficiency in technology. They not only need to know the basics—such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and more—but they should also be able to learn any industry-specific software your company uses on a daily basis.

At A Personal Answering Service, our receptionists and secretaries are highly trained in all of the above areas. To learn more about our live receptionist and secretarial services, then contact us today!

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