Eight Reasons to Use an Answering Service

August 9th, 2016 A Personal Answering Service

Answering Service


In recent years, many people have been turning to smaller, local companies instead of big corporations – great news for your business! However, running your small business can be overwhelming enough, and having to find a way to answer the phones can sometimes be tough. Fortunately, A Personal Answering Service can help! Here are eight great reasons to use us to keep on top of your calls!

Never Miss a Sales Call

Your day is busy and packed with meetings, but if you miss a phone call, you could be missing out on a sales opportunity. Instead of running that risk, use an answering service to make sure someone is always available to answer the phone. Depending on your business’ needs, you can set up an answering service to take messages for you, or even forward certain types of incoming calls to your cellphone while you’re out of the office. We can even take customers’ orders via phone for you through our order entry service.

Skip the Receptionist Fees

Answering services are significantly cheaper than having a receptionist man the phones in your office. Plus, there’s no onboarding or training process when you use us, so as soon as you decide on a service that’s right for you, you’re up and running fast – no hiring and no interviewing required.

Keep the Business Going After Hours

Some businesses, especially those with international appeal, may have customers or clients who call them after typical business hours. Instead of losing out on all those potential sales by being unable to answer the phone, have an answering service take messages for you after hours. Our virtual telephone answering services help to keep your business running 24/7, even while you’re sleeping.

Increase Productivity

The time you’ll save by not having to direct calls and take messages can be poured right back into strategy for growing your business. When you have someone else taking care of the phones, you can dedicate more time to other important aspects of your job.

Manage Appointments

If you’re so inclined, you can even use A Personal Answering Service to book client and customer meetings for you with our appointment scheduling service. We can enter appointments in an online calendar system or use your existing scheduling software so that everyone in your office can see updates and meetings as they update in real time. You can even block out times and days, as needed, to account for team members’ vacations or out-of-office time.

Makes an Impression

Using an answering service can also make your company seem bigger than it is and give callers the impression that you have a large staff, helping make even the smallest start-ups seem like big corporations. When you have an answering service to handle all of your calls, giving callers a person to speak to whenever they ring, you can ensure that clients have a positive view of your operation.

Manage Your Messages from Anywhere

At A Personal Answering  Service, we also offer sophisticated answering services message notifications that can be sent directly to your email or your cellphone via text. We offer email, text, fax delivery and web message connection capabilities that allow you to receive important messages or calls in a way that’s convenient for you. You can also customize your escalation criteria, meaning that you’ll only receive an alert for a pressing or high-priority issue.

Pay As You Go

An answering service isn’t like an employee. If you’re unhappy with the service and want to change certain aspects of it, all you have to do is adjust your settings. You won’t have to re-train your receptionist or hire a new one – just work with us to tweak what you need to change and update your preferences with ease.
These are only some of the many benefits that companies like yours can enjoy when working with A Personal Answering Service. To learn more or to find out about our no-risk free trial, call us today at 800-477-9103 or 410-288-7600.

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