How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Remote Live Answering Services

May 20th, 2014 A Personal Answering Service

When you are operating a small business, you aren’t going to have the resources that some of the big-name corporations may have – and that includes employing a full-time receptionist. So when you have your hands full with paperwork and seemingly-endless meetings, how can you possibly manage to answer every phone call that comes through? The answer is simple: you can’t.How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Remote Live Answering Services | A Personal Answering Service


So instead of missing out on potential business, why not look at some of your other options – including the possibility of hiring a remote receptionist?


A remote live receptionist is a great option for small businesses. Our agents are professionally trained and operate from a separate location, away from your central office. Those assigned to handle calls for your particular business will be thoroughly educated on the policies and procedures of your business, as well as any products you may offer. Ultimately, they will become an extended member of your team.


You’ll also find that choosing a 24/7 live answering service is much more cost-effective for your small business. Instead of having to pay for benefits and hourly wages for a full-time receptionist, you’ll only have to pay for one particular service and the calls that go to our agents. Trust us – that’s a huge cost difference. Now your other employees can concentrate on their own personal responsibilities instead of worrying about fielding phone calls.


Your remote live receptionist will take care of everything you need, from answering phone calls, taking messages, transferring calls and scheduling appointments; all the work of a full-time receptionist at an affordable price. How you possibly pass up a service like this? Let us help you small business grow; contact A Personal Answering Service today!


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