How Poor Call Answering Can Impact Your Business

August 3rd, 2022 A Personal Answering Service

When it comes to conducting business over the phone, it’s important to have the right team on your side. Not only do they ensure that your customers are properly taken care of, but it is their responsibility to maintain the type of relationship that keeps them coming back for future services.

Just as much as a great call experience can do wonders for your business and its reputation, a poor call experience can also affect your reputation in a negative light. How so? Check out these few points:


It’s a sign your company does not have the proper resources

Customers want to be treated well, and frankly, there is no excuse for them to be treated poorly. Employees should have the proper training and resources to answer any customer question that pops up. Even if they don’t, they should at least be able to direct them to another employee or manager who can. If your employees cannot answer a customer’s questions, that’s a sign to the customer that your business is not capable or responsible.

You could lose a customer before the relationship begins

First impressions make all the difference, especially for businesses. If your call representative doesn’t make the effort to ensure that the first phone call with a particular customer is a success, this could mean a major hit to your company’s credibility and reputation, as well as a potential loss of business in the long run. Instead of calling back and hoping for a better call experience, that customer is simply going to give up and call your competitor.

You could lose long-time customers as well

Companies depend on loyalty from their customer-base. But loyalty is never a given. If you don’t treat your customers right, even the most loyal ones will eventually leave for better horizons. While a single bad call likely won’t drive off a long-time customer, multiple bad experiences certainly will. 

Call center representatives, such as those at A Personal Answering Service know what it takes to generate positive credibility through a simple phone call. Allow us the opportunity to create a positive experience for your customers so that you can get back to focusing on business. Contact us today!

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