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Catalog Companies do benefit by allowing their customers to shop online, however companies that want to provide the best shopping experience possible, will also offer 24 hour phone shopping as well. That’s where we at A Personal Answering Service come in. We have 28 years of order taking and customer service experience.

The benefits are more revenue from those who are unable to shop online or have questions they would like answered first before the make a purchase. Another benefit is customer service, offering your callers answers to many of their product questions, based on the information made available on your website or by information you have provided. As well as track where their shipment is.

We are able to take the order through our software or place the order directly to your website as well as entering the caller’s credit card payment information.

When you have a potential buyers interest, don’t lose them because they are calling after your normal office hours, consider A Personal Answering Service for all of your phone order needs.


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