Answering Service

A Personal Answering Service serves a variety of clients. Our Professional Agents will seamlessly serve your business communications needs.

  • Are you missing critical calls?
  • How do you currently handle your calls after hours?
  • Do you find when your staff assisting a customer, you are missing calls?
  • Are you looking for a receptionist to answer your calls giving you & your staff freedom to work?
  • Do you need phone assistance while you grow your Company?
  • Would you like to impress your customers?

Our courteous phone professionals can provide support in a number of critical areas – everything from overflow receptionist duties and call screening to appointment scheduling, order taking and help desk response – for just a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff.

Our state of the art Call Center equipment is continually upgraded to reflect the latest advancements in communications technology.Setting up an account with us is done so with ease, as our professional experienced staff will assist you every step the way.

Our live Secretary Messaging features:

  • Custom message services
  • Customized message template
  • Customized protocols – as complex as needed
  • Auto dispatch via email, text or fax
  • On Call Scheduler – Automatically maintains client on call calendar – date & time sensitive
  • Customized Scripted Form template to your specific Form – eliminating unnecessary data entry for your staff
  • Personalized answer phrase
  • Multiple lines may be forwarded to the same number
  • Use during normal business hours as an overflow receptionist – prevent “busy signal” hang-ups and lost business
  • Toll Free forwarding numbers available
  • Message Trace – documents all activity our agent performed – located at the bottom of each message


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Call Center

A Personal Answering Service offers a full range of Call Center Services customized to your business. Our experience has enabled us to develop numerous vital services, to assist a wide variety of businesses, as well as the Medical Community.

We find that every business and medical practice is unique, requiring various types of services, tailored to meet their specific needs. Therefore all of our comprehensive services are customizable.

Our Call Center Services include:5946935_l

  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Locator Service
  • Emergency & Service Dispatch
  • Employee Attendance Line
  • Employment Screening
  • Event Registration
  • Help Desk
  • Order Entry
  • Receptionist
  • Survey Hotline
  • Web Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation


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Customer Support

A Personal Answering Service knows how vital Customer Support is in today’s competitive marketplace. Customer satisfaction is a critical element in maintaining current clients, as well as referred new business. We offer various customer support services, customizing our services to meet your business needs.


Our Customer Support Services include:

  • Product Information
  • Warranties
  • Registrations
  • New Products
  • Order Status
  • And More



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Dealer Locate

A Dealer Locate service is essential for many businesses. For example, there are numerous retailers, hotels, equipment rental companies, medical offices, large service companies, etc., who have multiply locations, even nationwide locations. These businesses would benefit by providing easy access of their locations to prospective customers, who are shopping around to find a particular type of business closest them.


Having our friendly courteous Agent Representative quickly provide this information is to your prospective customer is important and critical in gaining new business, as well as positive customer service experience. This experience will not only ensure a customer’s desire to patronize your business for any future needs, but will also encourage them to refer others as well.

You may have various locations listed on your website and some customers may find it difficult to navigate or even inconvenient to get to a computer. Offering a phone number to call for assistance 24/7 encourages positive results, thereby eliminating the possibility of them calling your competitors.

Our Agents will professionally and efficiently provide your caller with your location information nearest them, by zip code or other specifications you require.

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Emergency Dispatch

Allow A Personal Answering Service to handle your after hour Emergency calls. Having a professional Agent ready to handle your customer’s emergency call and concerns adds value to your business image. Our Agents are prepared to professionally handle your emergency calls following your specific directives and escalation list.

Our Agents are always available to respond immediately to your sensitive calls. We will create a customized dispatch protocol our Agents will follow, based upon your specifications directing the call to your personnel or vendor as needed.


We offer various methods and systematic procedures to relay your calls:

    • Live Agent Call
    • Text message to cell
    • Email
    • Digital Pager


All procedures taken are documented on the message, as well as date and time stamped and can be viewed online. You and your customers can have peace of mind 24/7/365.


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Employee Screening

Most Businesses find it very time consuming to screen prospective employees during the hiring process. A Personal Answering Service’s professional Agent can handle the tedious screening process with our Scripted Pre-Interview Screening Process.

Our Agents would simply need to know what specific requirements you have for the position and what questions you would like asked. We could also advise the applicant if they have met your minimal requirements for the position. Our Agent would answer any questions the applicant may have about the position, with the information you provide.

Allow A Personal Answering Service work with you to setup an Employee Screening System that would not only save you time but assist you in finding the right person to help you grow your business.


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Event Registration

Our live Agent will increase your event attendance and will give your attendees options. Having our experienced Agent handle your Registrations will allow us to address the callers concerns such as appropriate attire, cancellation policies, giving directions to the event, what they should need to bring, as well as other details they may need.

We are able to customize your Registration Form to include all the pertinent information you require, as well as payment information. We can also schedule a call the registrant as a reminder when your event is near.

A Personal Answering Service will offer a Toll Free Number to use if you would require one for a nationwide event.

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Order Entry

Allow our Agents to assist you in taking Orders for your business. We are able to complete your caller’s orders for one or numerous items. We can process the order though your website or use our software to place the order for your caller.

Our software allows for scripting, which will provide your caller with answers to questions and assist our Agents to gather all information needed to place the order.

Your customer is handled with courtesy and professionalism. Our goal is to turn your calls into profits and satisfied customers.




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help-deskOur Telephone Secretaries will always greet your callers cordially and professionally. Our Secretaries are well trained, giving your caller a feeling of confidence and a great first impression!

We will follow your protocol, screening calls, taking messages and transferring the calls you would like to take. We could also transfer the call to a voice mail as well as notifying you of a new voicemail message.

Our Secretary/ Receptionist will address simple questions about your Company’s products or services with any information you provide. We could also schedule an appointment for your caller on our Web Appointment Scheduler, as well as make appointment reminder calls for you.

If you only need our Receptionist Services while your staff is on break, out to lunch or on vacation, we are a great option! We offer overflow relief to larger businesses as well.

Our services are very cost effective, saving you time and money, as well as ensuring you never lose a call too!


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Survey Hotline

Getting personal customer feedback is critical to attain information and to tell you what your customers are saying about your business. This is invaluable to your position in the marketplace. Our staff will attain real details of your client’s level of satisfaction & experience with your product or service. Our agents will professionally gather answers to your questions helping you grow your business and build long term business relationships.

The advantage to using our Survey Service over an internet based survey is that your respondents will have the opportunity to give in depth answers to open ended questions. You have more control over the level of detail you require.

Our Agents can provide a variety of inbound surveys which include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Exit Interviews
  • IT Consumer Satisfaction
  • Best Value Perceptions
  • Recent Trends
  • New Products
  • Association Membership


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Virtual Office Services

A P A S’s Virtual Office Service, caters to large variety of businesses!

Our 24-hour Live Professional Answering Service, Voice mail and other Virtual Office Services are designed to help you do business anywhere, even from your home!

Business is competitive in today’s economy. Smaller businesses often get overlooked because of the financial edge larger companies have to staff their operations. Put your business front and center with your competition. Level the playing field by letting our Virtual Office Services assist you at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff.

Advantages to our Virtual Office Services:

  • Project a Corporate image, even if your business is home based.
  • Allows you to distinguish between personal calls and business calls.
  • Ensures your calls are answered by our live Professional Agent 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Allows us to screen your calls and patch or connect those important calls directly to you wherever you are.
  • Order-taking services that will give your business a personal touch.
  • Frees you to take care of your daily business activities.
  • Our Agents can schedule appointments via our web-based software, allowing you access to make appointments and block out times as well.

Our Agents are professionally trained to demonstrate both enthusiasm and accuracy, with personal integrity when handling our client’s calls.


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Web Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation

Does appointment scheduling and confirmation seem to get left behind when you don’t have enough office staff? Allow A Personal Answering Service Agents help reduce stress in your office, while assisting with appointment scheduling and making calls for appointment reminder confirmations.

All appointments will have scheduled through your customized scripting process. We offer our web based calendar to schedule the appointments, maintaining your calendar specifications and scheduling perimeters. Our Scheduler is also accessible to your office staff to schedule and view appointments, as well as block out times. We are also able to schedule appointments within your existing online appointment scheduling software.

Lesson your frustration of no shows, by allowing our Agents to contact your clients to remind them of their next day appointments.

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